Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once again.

Home has been a strange word for me ever since coming back to the states. I've traveled around a lot this summer and when asked where I'm from, each new acquaintance has received a somewhat confusing and long-winded reply. I'm kind of from here and there, maybe? Anyway, this feels like "home" now. It's like I belong; like God has put me exactly where He wants me to be and I'm doing what He wants me to do. I can't ask for more than that.

Where have I been all summer? Here and there. I best express myself in images. My summer was most definitely well captured and documented in photographs so I'll let them do the talking.
Atlanta, GA
CNN headquarters. duh.
The World of Coke
Crazy road trips with my youth group.
Giant yellow cowboy hats.
529 kids at VBS = a pie in the face for me!
the coolest mime ever.
Beastly 80's band
Paco's Revenge
El Paso, TX
Fun photo shoots with great friends.
New family.

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