Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've traveled to India two different times within the past year. Here are some of the shots I took in the city of Chennai:

From the airplane!

the train station in Egmore

busy city streets

a huge jackfruit

Marina Beach

Maha Bodhi Society in Egmore

night life

fried bananas

dosai..... yum!

One of my favorites. I took this when we were stopped in traffic. She just looked down at me from the bus and I was like, "hello!".... Snap. :)

A little girl in the alley outside the train station.

My second favorite shot from the whole trip.... Muslim men praying before boarding their train

King's College

And me! One windy afternoon at the Marina Beach.


Melina said...

I love the photograph of the woman on the train, she is gorgeous! I'm curious where you traveled to and for what reason. I have the most chronic case of wanderlust right now haha!

Ranjani said...

Thank you! I've spent most of my time in Sri Lanka and the visits to India were for visa renewal. I really didn't do much to capture the photograph of the woman. Like I said, she just looked down at me, and snap! Thanks for the compliments!

Hannah said...

Your photos are just beautiful!